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Garbage disposals are very handy appliances to have in the kitchen.  They all for food waste and other waste to be disposed of and compacted without clogging your plumbing systems.  They are, however, also a common source for problems as they can break, stop working, or otherwise cause issues for homeowners.  Thankfully, 24 Hour Plumber NYC has a long history of dealing with these types of problems and can handle your issue quickly, efficiently and affordably.

If you don’t currently have a garbage disposal but would like one installed, we can help!

New installs can be tricky because it might require some adjustments or changes to your current pipes and water flow, but have no fear!  We are very experienced in this type of work and can handle a new install quickly, safely and affordably.

A good idea is to have a plumber come for regular maintenance on your larger appliances and your plumbing system as a whole.  While these are largely meant for the bigger appliances like water heaters, boilers, HVAC systems, you can ask them to take a quick look at your other appliances such as your garbage disposal.

It’s a good idea is to avoid DIY solutions when it comes to doing any kind of repair work in a home, unless it is a very minor repair or the person doing the repair is very experienced.  Garbage disposal in particular can present some danger to hands and fingers, and so homeowners should proceed with lots of caution.

If you want to be sure that the garbage disposal is properly installed or repaired, you’ll want to rely on an experienced professional, such as those at 24 Hour Plumber NYC.


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