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Sewer lines are

If you currently have a sewer line that is not flowing properly, you likely have a blockage in the pipes. This can be caused by many different issues, including:

  • Tree roots growing into the pipe.
  • An old and deteriorated pipe.
  • Built up debris  inside the pipe, usually caused by flushing of improper waste down the toilet. 

Because sewer lines are often much longer and larger than household pipes, it usually requires a professional, such as 24 Hour Plumber NYC, to repair.  We have the necessary tools to provide a proper clearing of your sewer lines.

Sewer lines are generally not fixable via DIY methods.  Very long, industrial strength rooters are needed to reach to the end of many sewer lines. 

Many sewer line backups are, by there very nature, emergency situations.  Sewage will start flowing back into the basement of homes, and this requires immediate attention.  Please call us immediately if you experience this type of problem.

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